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A Software Suite from Magellan

Swift is a collaborative effort to transform Magellan's legacy ATLAS system with upgraded features and functionality. Think of Swift as Magellan's digital transformation replacement for ATLAS.

Swift is Magellan's new, easy-to-use, integrated software suite for automating and optimizing your refined product's business.

More Value in Every Feature

We're working to improve every aspect of your engagement with Magellan through the features listed on the right. 

Our team has been busy.  These features have been developed and deployed over seven significant releases since 2019, with over 330,000 hours of labor.

Group 112-1

Outcomes from Swift

Understand what Swift can help you achieve and the ways it can help you and your business.

Less Errors

reduce costly errors

More Insights

driving intelligent decision making

New Features

creating new, better ways to partner with together

Minimal Training

more intuitive CX

Mobile Friendly

access anytime, anywhere

Easy to Use

built to reduce common pain points

Folder contents

Interested in our release notes?

Every release within Swift comes with a set of release notes to keep you in "the know" so that your team can make the most of changes that will benefit you.