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An Improved Software Suite

Swift is a collaborative effort to transform our legacy ATLAS system with upgraded features and functionality. Think of Swift as a digital transformation replacement for ATLAS.

Swift is a new, easy-to-use, integrated software suite for automating and optimizing your refined product's business.


2/20 External ATLAS Sunset

The Swift team released the final features to launch Swift as your primary engagement for ONEOK's refined fuel business. 

On Target

The ability for external users to access ATLAS was removed on 2/20 at 1 p.m. CST. All work should be done in Swift.

Status Key
No Known Bugs within Swift

No Known Bugs

There are no feature items we have deemed critical to the fully functional side of Swift before removing external access to ATLAS.

We are working to release some additional features.  We are not finished; we will continuously release enhancements and improvements.


Join Swift in

January and February.

Join these educational sessions for Swift feature focus and Q&A sessions.  We aim to help you better understand and learn Swift as we near the 2/20/24 date of external refined customers no longer able to access legacy ATLAS.

Tuesdays @ 10:30-11a CST | Thursdays @ 1:30-2p CST

More Value in Every Feature

Swift aims to improve every aspect of your engagement. Below are the available features available now. Shift your day-to-day work to Swift! 

Outcomes from Swift

Understand what Swift can help you achieve and the ways it can help you and your business.


Less Errors

Reduce Costly Errors

Currency rate

More Insights

Driven Intelligent Decision Making

Group 14-3

New Features

Creating Ways to Partner Together

Group 16-4

Minimal Training

More Intuitive CX

Edit profile

Mobile Friendly

Access Anytime, Anwhere

Loading in process

Easy to Use

Reducing Common Pain Points

Have an idea to improve Swift?

Swift has created a portal to help you as the customer recommend the ideas that would make Swift easier, and more efficient, for you to use. Submit your first idea today!

Interested in our release notes?

Every release within Swift comes with a set of release notes to keep you in "the know" so that your team can make the most of changes that will benefit you.