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Our self-service support guide is designed to quickly get you the help you need.

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Fully Operational

Swift is currently operational for all users.

Swift Support

Let's test a few things first. Have you tried our top fixes?

Check old bookmarks

If you're trying to access Swift from a saved bookmark and get the spinning wheel, you should edit or re-create your bookmark to ensure you're using the correct address for Swift:

  • Make sure nothing is typed out after .com
  • Make sure your URL does not have "identity.magellanlp" saved



Clear browser cache When a new Swift version is released or for general troubleshooting, clearing your browser cache will often get things working properly.
Use the F12 key + right click on reload browser button > empty cache and hard reload.

Try a private browsing session

Starting a new private browsing session can often clear lingering issues from a stale session.
You can do this in most modern web browsers by clicking the 3 ellipses (main) menu and opening a new Private Session (tip: this is an Incognito window in Chrome, but an InPrivate session in Edge).


Can you log in to Swift?

Let's troubleshoot why you can't get into Swift.

Before you can access Swift, a few onboarding and setup steps must be completed.  If any of these upstream steps have errors (ex: if your Portal account has been locked out due to inactivity or too many incorrect log in attempts), they you will not be able to access Swift until resolved.

Use the guide on the right to ensure each of these three steps are complete.

If you've previously been able to access Swift, contact the ONEOK Service at 833-ONEOKIT (833-663-6548).

To ensure a successful initial call, it's important that you provide the following details. The more information our teams have upfront, the quicker the correct teams can begin reviewing your issue.

  • First Name & Last name
  • Username Email
  • Company Associated
  • Call-back phone number
  • Date and time stamp of occurrence 
  • Where is it happening? (Name of browser and name of platform application)
  • How did you get to this issue? What steps were taken?
  • Do you have any other tabs/sessions open? Yes or No
  • Have you had Swift open for a few hours? If so, have you refreshed recently and re-tried?

1) Portal Account

If you can log in to the myMagellan Portal and see a list of applications, then you can skip to step 2.


⚠️Not sure or having issues? Read this knowledge base article.

Benefit once Complete ☑️: your individual account is set up properly with ONEOK. You will use this username and password to log in to all other apps, including Swift.

2) Customer Profile

If you can log in to the Customer profile app and see Customer Companies that you're associated (a member) with, then you can skip to step 3.


⚠️Not sure or having issues? Read this knowledge base article.

Benefit once Complete ☑️: your individual portal account is associated with one or more customer company profiles, enabling access to several applications that enable approved product movements and data reporting.

3) Permissions

If you can successfully login to Swift and see all the modules you need, then you can access Swift - congratulations!


⚠️Not sure or having issues? Read this knowledge base article.

Benefit once Complete ☑️: You can access applications (like Swift) that enable you to make approved product movements and access other services with the ONEOK system.



Glad to hear you can access Swift!

If you want to learn more about specific features in Swift, join our weekly Swift Sessions. These educational sessions help you learn Swift, through feature focus and in-depth Q&A.

Tuesdays @ 10:30a CST

Thursdays @ 1:30p CST

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Now Live!

Within Swift, find a pop-up, self-service workflow of articles to better guide, assist, and provide helpful answers to improve your experience. Type a word or phrase in the pop-up to get started.  Use the suggested articles to find the answer to your question. Click here to log in to Swift.

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Every release within Swift comes with a set of release notes to keep you in "the know" so that your team can make the most of changes that will benefit you.