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Your Ideas, Shared

Introducing THE SWIFT idea portal

Share your ideas to improve your experience with Swift & Swift Dispatch.

Great Minds Innovate.

Do you have an idea that will improve the Swift product?  

The Swift Idea Portal provides a forum for all Swift users to submit ideas to improve Swift products and processes. Your feedback helps our teams align with your expectations. 

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We want you involved!  We encourage you to review and take action periodically to see what other users are requesting.  

However, there is criteria to using the Idea Exchange. 


All submitted ideas go into a pending status until Magellan reviews and posts to the portal.  We want to make sure every submission is applicable.

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Voting Rules

Now that you're in the portal and taking action, remember:

1. You can only promote an idea once.

2. You cannot change your vote. 

3. You cannot promote your own idea.

Submit Your Idea

Our team will review your submission and save into our backlog. This is strictly for submitting ideas pertaining to Swift.




We've got answers to our most commonly asked questions.
What is the Idea Exchange used for? This is a streamlined, single online forum that allows you as a Magellan user to suggest and discuss new ideas that you believe will make great additions.  You can also review other user's ideas and provide comments.  The coolest: you can vote to promote or demote the idea.
What does promote or demote mean?

This action moves an idea either up or down on the scale.  If you like an idea, promote it; this moves the idea up 10 points.  If you don't like the idea, demote the idea; this moves the idea down 10 points. 

Provide comments on why you voted the way you did to help others understand.

What do I include when submitting an idea?

Be specific. Structure your idea in the form of a user story and process so other Magellan users can relate to it. Being able to relate means it's more likely to receive upvotes.

The more our product team knows about an idea - who, what, when, why and how - the more accurate it will be when it's time to prioritize and scope.

You should include these details at minimum:

  • What are you trying to do?
  • The business reason for the change needed.
  • The path to the functionality you are wanting changes (screenshots rock!)
  • What is your workaround today, if any.
Can I Search Ideas? Absolutely! This is strongly encouraged before submitting any idea.  You can search existing ideas, regardless of status. If your idea already exists, great; cast your vote and comment instead of duplicating an existing idea.
I submitted an idea but cannot vote. Why? You cannot vote on your own ideas.  However, feel free to rally other users to also vote. 
I need to change my vote. How? Unfortunately, once you voted, you cannot change the vote. Also, you can only vote once per idea.
how do i become a beta tester? If the beta is open, feel free to email
I submitted my idea but cannot find it. Why? Every idea is reviewed internally before being posted to the open forum for viewing, voting and commenting.
What does Magellan do with these ideas?

Our goal is to take these user-voiced, user-voted ideas and scope and plan into our future product roadmaps.

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